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CIS countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.


  • Adapt your website to CIS market

  • Promote your product or service in the Russian and CIS market

  • Analyze your future competitors and assess their capabilities

  • Analyze the level of demand for your product/service

  • Create a positive reputation from a new business and increase your brand awareness in the Russian and CIS market

  • Have you taken a step forward but you need professional help to attract more customers?

We have a solution for you! Thanks to the accumulated experience and expertise of work in key industries, we will select the optimal media mix of digital tools for solving your business problems.


Webcom International is an independent agency in the group of Webcom companies that provides comprehensive business promotion in the international market for companies with a focus on consumers from other countries.

  • 185+employees

    who skillfully own the tools of internet marketing

  • 30conferences

    with the total number of participants from 100 to 1500

  • 19+years

    we stand at the origins of Internet marketing in the CIS

  • 3offices

    in Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan

  • 4000+projects

    from various business areas

  • 9experts

    teachers in the staff of Google and Yandex

How will we drive your business to success?

We offer a full range of business promotion services on the Internet. At your disposal all the experience of our team with large-scale projects aimed at the audience of the CIS countries. We take into account the economic and legal features of a business in a given territory, we offer effective and cost‑effective strategies for expanding your presence in the market.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Before offering you a ready-made strategy of promotion in the market, we will conduct a detailed analysis of the current situation on the Internet of the selected region and assess the strengths and weaknesses of key market players. This will allow you to avoid costly mistakes when entering a new market.

  • Site preparation

    We will conduct a detailed analysis of the sources of attracting customers and the site as a whole. Determine how the site is adapted for promotion on the Internet. We will determine the most effective advertising channels that bring more buyers to the site and identify errors that hinder the achievement of the desired business results.

  • Audience analysis

    We will set up advertising campaigns for contextual advertising, taking into account regional features and limitations. Thus, the detailed statistics of contextual advertising will show you in real numbers, "who breathes what" in the region and will help to objectively assess your chances for success.

  • Comprehensive promotion

    Having studied the audience in the region and identifying effective advertising channels, we will launch a comprehensive promotion strategy with an optimal set of digital marketing tools aimed at increasing the presence of business in the network and sales growth.

When ordering business promotion services in the CIS market at Webcom International, you will receive not only a well-formed and prepared strategy for online activities, but also business advice on creating a legal entity abroad, registration details and contact information and other useful information.

What will you get?

  • Over 90 million potential clients

  • The opportunity to expand your business and increase revenue

  • The ability to speak the language of your customers


for promotion in the CIS market


Webcom International is an international division of Webcom group of companies that specializes in integrated digital business promotion in the CIS, as well as in Central and Eastern Europe. The Webcom International team has many years of experience in various business areas: from the emergence of brands, to products and services in the market, to integrated Internet marketing and support to launch new companies.

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Customer feedback about the company Webcom International

  • A. Hameza

    CEO Alutech Inc. LLC

    We have been successfully working with Webcom International for the last 10 years. During this time, the contractor has proved to be a professional internet marketing services provider. Within our effective cooperation, we have achhieved and are constantly holding TOP Yandex and Google search engines ranking positions for major keywords. We would like to thank your professional team for well-optimised business processes, expert consulting, creativity and excellent custom project management. We are very pleased with the job perfectly done. We always recommend Webcom International to our friends and clients as the right partner. Looking forward to a sucessful working relationship in the future.

  • Michael Bruh

    COO Acronym Media Ltd.

    Acronym is a global search marketing agency based in New York and founded in 1995. We began working with Webcom in 2014 when we required additional SEO support for CIS countries. We really like to work with the people of Webcom International. We are glad we found such a professional partner to work with on a continuing basis. We have found Webcom trustful, fast and reliable in their expertise.

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Webcom is a certified agency of the most influential context advertising systems

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Certificate google premier partner
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Certificate mytarget

We are 1 from 7 companies that have Google Ads Premier SMB Partner in CIS

Certificate Google AdFords PREMIER


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